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Are gutter covers right for me?

Gutter covers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They all have one thing in common, they will greatly reduce the frequency of gutter cleanings you will have to perform over the years. Gutter guards cannot guard against all the debris that can litter and clog gutters. You should not install gutter guards with the intention of never having to get your gutters and downspouts cleaned again.

To decide which type of gutter guard to purchase and install, it is a good idea to observe the environment and landscape surrounding your home. A good time to take notice is in the fall when leaves are falling. You will also want to determine if the severity of your winter season will cause ice and/or snow to clog your gutters and if guards could help. Spring and summer seasons can present issues with trees and foliage blooming that you will want to factor in as well.

17 Responses to “Are gutter covers right for me?”

  1. Kevin Farley says:

    Gutter covers will save you time and money if you have to deal with pesky trees that don’t know what season it is, or trees in general.

  2. Cody Feenan says:

    There is a lot to consider for gutter covers. Research is necessary.

  3. Ashok Kumar says:

    Gutter covers can be tricky, so finding the right one is important.

  4. I didn’t know there was much difference. Thanks.

  5. Gutter covers are such a useful tool.

  6. I didn’t know there were different types of gutter covers.

  7. Sounds like they are worth the investment if you have lots of trees and other factors that require lots of cleaning out.

  8. Gutter covers seem to be a logical choice to keeping out debris that clog up the gutters.

  9. Bruce Fearon says:

    Im shocked that people didn’t think about making gutter covers sooner, they seem great.

  10. Mike Guthrie says:

    Is this an expensive option? And does it make it harder for a person to clean the gutters when they do have to be cleaned? Seems like it would be a pain.

  11. How often are you supposed to clean out your gutters and how often do you need to clean out your gutters with the covers on?

  12. Tim Hazlett says:

    I think cutter covers are a smart and simple way to keep yourself from having to clean the cutters every year.

  13. Jen Fallot says:

    I’ve always thought about gutter covers, thanks for the information.

  14. Amy Ray says:

    There are many different kinds so do your research.

  15. Cody Feenan says:

    You can save a lot of damage if you use these types of devices.

  16. Diron Bates says:

    Thanks for the notes. So, if my gutters are pretty clear, would I need to do much to them?

  17. I hate cleaning my gutters, so some gutter covers seem like a smart idea.