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Common Gutter Problems

Clogged gutters are the most common problem for most homeowners. Over time, gutters and downspouts get so clogged with debris that they no longer function properly. When full, the excess weight of leaves and debris can make them sag and pull away from the fascia.  Clogged gutters are responsible for other home repairs, some costly, such as rotting fascia, water damage to the interior, erosion around the home, wet basements, and cracked foundations.

Sagging gutters or gutters pulling away from the house is another very common issue. Usually the hangers have deteriorated over time, have backed out of the wood (fascia), or they are spaced too far apart to support the weight of full gutters. Spikes, a very commonly used type of hanger, tend to easily pull out with heavy snow or rain and do not last over time.

Leaky gutter joints can also be problematic in a gutter system over time. Sealing gutter seams at the corners with sealant from the inside will usually solve the problem. Very small holes can be filled with gutter sealant as well.

Gutters need to be properly pitched toward the downspouts for the water to flow properly. Similarly, downspouts need to extend several feet from the house so they do not drain into the foundation or basement.

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