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Do I Need 6 Inch Gutters for my Home?

Do I Need 6 Inch Gutters for my Home?

Trying to determine the right gutter size for your house? Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering of Kansas City can help you select the right product.

You have two standard options when getting residential seamless gutters installed, 5″ or 6″ guttering. But, how do you know if you should get the 6″ guttering? There are a couple things to look at when making the decision on gutter size.

Choosing the Right Size Gutters for Your Kansas City Home

Water Flow Capacity

Most people are interested in 6″ gutters because they are aware that their roof and areas of their roofing system need to be able to handle higher water flow capacity in their gutters.  If you are not sure, roofing and guttering professionals can assess your roofing system and determine the proper gutter size for some or all of your gutters.

GutterYour Gutter Budget

Another way to determine if you need 6″ gutters is both your budget and design. The cost of 6″ gutters is more per linear foot and that can really add up for a whole gutter system. Sometimes a good cost saving solution, if it’s appropriate for your home, is using a 5″ gutter system with larger downspouts to help eliminate any issues.

Design & Aesthetics

It’s important to keep your home’s architecture in mind when selecting your gutter size. You want seamless gutters that aren’t overly obtrusive, but gets the job done. Also, with the design of your home in mind you may need to have a smaller gutter in tight areas or even in areas with doors depending on the layout so 6″ gutters may not be appropriate.

Kansas City Gutter Installation Experts

When you need seamless guttering installation, choose a Kansas City roofer and guttering expert with years of experience with roofs, gutters, insulation, siding and more! For help with your roof maintenance, contact Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering at (816) 287-4104 for Missouri residents and (913) 210-1800 for Kansas residents.

7 Responses to “Do I Need 6 Inch Gutters for my Home?”

  1. Heath Norton says:

    Great information for picking gutters. I feel like most people might not know that with small tight areas you will need to change up your gutter system.

  2. With varying sizes, the best way to be sure is to hire a professional.

  3. David Marcus says:

    5 inch gutters usually do the trick. It also depends on how many leaves are directly over the house.

  4. Tammy Kabell says:

    Gutters provide an important feature to the roof of a building. These things never need to be taken lightly.

  5. Eli Akins says:

    This is why research is important. If you can get away with smaller gutters, you can save yourself some money.

  6. Spending the extra money for the larger gutters helps out. It’s not completely necessary, but makes cleaning a lot easier.