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Guttering – Lee’s Summit & Kansas City Area

When you need service for your gutters — from installation to repair to cleaning — consider Preferred Roofing who can provide professional care as a smart choice.

Learn more about how we can service your gutters by reading below or contacting us at (816) 287-4104 or (913) 210-1800!

Gutter Installation

Seamless gutter installation is one of the most effective and popular ways to redirect rainwater to a place where it won’t damage your property.

While older gutters are susceptible to clogs, seamless gutter installations are designed to eliminate the joints where leaves, branches, and other debris would tend to get stuck and cause backups.

We install both 5 and 6 inch aluminum gutters to fit your home’s needs and your style. Talk with one of our gutter experts to see what gutters will work best with your home!

Gutter Repair

Gutter repair is needed sometimes after damage caused by a storm, impact, or high winds. Though repair can be performed on gutter systems that are several decades old, in most cases, replacing aged gutters is a better option.

If gutter repair is needed each year or several times in a season, chances are that installation of a new

seamless gutter would be more effective and, with regular cleanings, will be nearly hassle-free.

LeafX of Kansas City

LeafX® is a premium gutter protection system that is constructed of 100% aluminum, requires no drilling into the roof or fascia of your home, and is only offered by authorized installation experts.

We are certified to help select and install a quality LeafX® product for your home, offering clog protection, longer-lasting guttering, and cost savings. Trust in us to install a worry-free, quality gutter protection system  for your home.

Gutter Covers

The purpose of an effective gutter cover is to  keep your gutters clean and free flowing, allowing your guttering system to protect your home by re-directing rainwater away from your home and foundation.

We offer many high-quality gutter covers to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. This includes small gutter covers composed of premium powder-coated steel. You can trust our team to identify and provide the best gutter cover to meet your needs.

Gutter Cleaning

Though seamless gutters greatly reduce the risk and frequency of clogs, rain gutter cleaning is needed from time to time, no matter what kind of gutters your home has. Heavy gutters brimming with water, leaves, or other debris can cause many problems including roof strain, mosquito breeding, or even foundation erosion. Regular rain gutter cleaning is the only way to ensure that your gutters perform well and do not age prematurely.

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