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LeafX Gutter Guard in the Lee’s Summit & Kansas City Areas

low cost gutter guards in Kansas City

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Gutter guards are a cost efficient and reliable way to protect your gutters from unwanted debris. If you’ve been forced to clean a clogged gutter, you know how very important guards are for the home. Leaf gutter guards prevent gutters from rusting and wearing out quickly.

LeafX® Gutter Guard

LeafX® is a premium gutter protection system that is constructed of 100% aluminum. The relatively low cost gutter guards system requires no drilling into the roof or fascia of a home, making it easy and simple to install. This product is extremely effective, and it is only offered by authorized LeafX Gutter Guard installation experts like those seen below:

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There are many different low cost gutter guards systems available on the market today, making the process of choosing the right product overwhelming at times. With help from the professionals at Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering, you don’t have to worry. We understand the challenges of gutter guard product selection and are here to help you through the selection and installation process to achieve a more effective and efficient guttering system. We want to help simplify this process for our customers and to help our customers make more informed decisions about the gutter guard solution that is best for their Kansas City or Lee’s Summit, Missouri, home.

Why Choose LeafX Gutter Guard?

When considering if a gutter guard is the right fit for your home, it is important to consider several factors. Read below to discover why a LeafX gutter guard would be a useful addition to your home:

  • Protection Against Clogs – The gutter plays a very important role in protecting the home from damage. It is crucial to protect the guttering system and keep it up to date. Due to the location of the gutters, this component is very susceptible to damage. Without taking the proper precautions, the gutters can be damaged by leaves and debris. The solution? A LeafX gutter guard that protects the exterior of the home’s gutters from the clog-causing elements  — something no homeowner wants to deal with.
  • Longer Lasting Gutters – Wet leaves, snow, rain, and even ice-laden detritus can result in the premature rusting of gutters. In fact, rust is often the leading cause for the deterioration of a home’s gutters. However, something as simple as a LeafX gutter guard can help increase the lifetime of this crucial component, making gutters last almost twice as long as their damaged counterparts. As harsh as the past few Kansas City winters have been, it makes sense to invest in a LeafX gutter guard before it’s too late.
  • Money Saver – The cost of gutter guards is much lower than the cost of regular gutter maintenance. The initial cost of a LeafX gutter guard pays off within the first few years of purchase. How does this work? Gutters that do not have protection from damaging elements often require bi-annual, professional cleanings. Over time, the expense of these professional cleanings can really add up. The installation of LeafX gutter guards on a home’s exterior is a game changer for gutter maintenance. With fewer cleanings and better protection against gutter-related foundation damage — a very expensive fix —  you will have leftover money to spend on the things that count.

Worry-Free Gutter Guard Protection

Cleaning gutters is an exhausting and time-consuming chore. Often in our busy schedules gutter maintenance gets lost in the shuffle, which can lead to damage to the gutters or siding of the house. However, our patent-pending LeafX® Gutter Protection System will get you off the ladder, giving you the freedom to do more of what you enjoy. The unique LeafX system can only be installed by contractors that have been authorized by the manufacturer, ensuring that installation is done right every time. It also comes with an industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee, and protects gutters from snow, ice, leaves, pine needles, and other debris.

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Clogged gutters shouldn’t be ignored; they can cause a great deal of damage to a home if not properly cared for. If you think LeafX® gutter guard sounds like a good fit for your Kansas City or Lee’s Summit home, contact the friendly professionals of Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering by calling (816) 287-4104.

low cost gutter guards in a variety of styles and colors

We guarantee clog-free gutters, or we’ll clean them for FREE!

Gutter guards also protect homes from foundation damage which is costly to repair. If you haven’t yet considered leaf gutter guards for your home, you’re in for surprise. They are among the most financially sound investments you can make. Protect your home for years to come with guards for your gutters and prevent yourself from having tons of damage to deal with when the weather changes.

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