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Ice Damming

ice dam

The term “ice dam” is the act of snow and ice melting off of pitched or sloped roofs, running down the roof, and then freezing leading to ice roofing. Freezing commonly occurs on the eaves, or toward the edge of the roof, where the water ends

up as it is a cooler temperature. As more snow/ice melts and freezes, it builds up what is called the “dam” along the edge of the roof. As a result, the remaining snow/ice located higher on the roof cannot drain properly through and around the dam as it melts away.  Ice dams can then cause the water to back up and compromise the roof components (shingles, underlayment, etc.),  which can lead to leaks and water damage.

Prevention of ice dams can mainly be accomplished with proper ventilation and insulation so the cooler temperature of the roof does not allow the melting to occur. Proper roofing techniques and adequate roofing membrane (i.e. synthetic underlayment) will also ensure that little or no damage occurs if an ice dam does form. If ice dams develop, a professional can remove these problem formations safely and properly, which helps avoid any damage to the roof or surrounding structures.

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