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Leading Cause of Roof Leaks

Pictured below is an example of a cracked pipe boot which is the leading cause of leaks in a roofing system.  Your roof may have anywhere from 2-5 pipe boots on it. To prevent roof leaks, checking for damage or cracks of all your pipe boots once every 10 years or so is vital.  By having a professional check them this can help prevent roof leaks and possible interior water damage.

If you don’t acknowledge and maintain your roofing system and its components, it can lead to leaks or other possible issues. The time it takes to have a professional come out and check your pipe boots, and even replace them if necessary, will be well worth the time and the money.  Remember, you can have a perfectly good roofing system and the only thing that will fail is the pipe boots as they age.

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10 Responses to “Leading Cause of Roof Leaks”

  1. I’ve been on top of my roof many times and I know exactly what the pipe boots looks like. I’ve never really checked them for damage, but I’ll definitely do that next time.

  2. There are a number of things that can cause a roof leak, but if this is the leading cause, it should be first on the list to check.

  3. Ashok Kumar says:

    If you’re experiencing any sort of damage from leaks this will guide you to a great place to start examining your roof. These boots wear down with time, and often take little to fix.

  4. Tim Rebori says:

    Roof leaks are such a nuisance. Making sure to check all the nooks and crannies is very important, and can save you money.

  5. It really does take an expertise to know even the little things like this. If you’re never on a roof, you don’t know these things. Leaks can be caused by more than a hole in the roof.

  6. Pat Strand says:

    You’ll see a lot of these in older style homes, so if you fit the category, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

  7. A leaking roof causes more damage than you’re probably aware. This casts, or boots around small pipes in your roof actually do wear down, so check them often.

  8. A damaged roof can cost an awfully lot of money and time. Inspections of these features will help stop the damage before they become too much.

  9. Kim Gordon says:

    Leaks can often lead towards major damage. Letting these things get out of hand won’t be good on your roof or your checkbook.

  10. I’ve seen these exact pieces and I know they can become damaged and leak. Be prepared to have a professional come look if you don’t feel comfortable.