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What is LeafX Gutter Cover?

A LeafX Gutter in action letting water in but stopping blockage.

LeafX is a premium clog free gutter cover that keeps water flowing where it should, while keeping all leaves and debris out. The nose forward shape of LeafX is designed to extend past the gutter lip, which will allow for rain water to follow the curve of the hood and flow into the gutter, effectively washing leaves and debris away. Additionally, the flex drain collects some water through the vertical perforations and bends to allow the system to accommodate almost any roof pitch. LeafX has a series of ridges on the top of the cover to slow water flow so it does not flow in streams. The ridges also strengthen the system, allowing the system to handle added weight of potentially heavy snow or ice. LeafX is made up of premium .024 aluminum.  The composition and design of the LeafX gutter cover strengthens the gutter system and keeps it clean, all while being low profile and discrete.

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