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Replacement Windows in Lee’s Summit & Kansas City

Preferred Roofing & Guttering can help you replace your old, inefficient windows with new, efficient windows that not only keep your energy bills low, but also look great. Preferred Roofing & Guttering has a huge selection of replacement windows for you to choose from. We have everything from basement to attic windows for your home.

Windows: Repair or Replace?

Rotted & Jammed Sashes

These can be restored if the damage isn’t too severe. If moisture or condensation occurs between the layers of glass, you will need replacement windows. If it’s just the sash getting stuck, you can help it slide by rubbing the bottom of a white candle to parts of the glass.

Energy Efficiency

If you would like your home to be more energy efficient, in some cases, basic repairs such as caulking and weather stripping can be helpful.

However, for many older windows, it’s more cost-effective to replace the whole window. It is an initial investment, but you’ll see it’s worthiness as your heating and cooling bills go down in cost.

Historic Homes

If you own a home that was built before 1960, you need to have replacement windows due to the lead paint that was used on them in the past. It’s a health hazard and one that you don’t want to take a chance on as a homeowner because it can cause serious health issues especially to children and pregnant women.  

Poor Performance

You may want to consider window replacement if it is difficult to raise and lower your windows. This could be due to them being painted or nailed shut. Another issue to be concerned about is condensation or fogging between panes of glass.


If your windows are chipping, deteriorating or water stained, replacement windows are no longer a luxury but instead a necessity.  Selling your home?  Replacing old windows is a smart investment, making your home more valuable and appealing when on the market.  


Replacement Windows for Any Need

No matter your window installation needs, Preferred Roofing has the expertise to make sure your windows are beautiful and long-lasting. Call Preferred Roofing today at (913) 210-1800 or (816) 287-4104 for a free window replacement estimate.