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Is My Roof Hail Damaged?

How do you know if your roof hail is damaged? If you have experienced a storm with hail, especially large hail,  you should have a professional  inspect your roof for you. The three main areas to check that are susceptible to hail damage are:

Soft Metal: Any soft metal on the roof should be checked first. Metal roof components include pieces such as vents, skylights, flashing, metal valleys and even guttering. Damage may be hard to find to an inexperienced person with no frame of reference, but it could be obvious depending on the size of hail. The signs of hail will be most evident on the metal and it will help to indicate the size of the hail based on the type of damage left.

Ridge Shingles: Ridge, or ridge cap, at the peak of your roof will take a hail hit directly and will show signs of hail more obviously than other areas of your roof. The majority of your roof is pitched roof slopes which will allow for some of the hail to glance off and won’t be as hard hitting. Also due to the prime location at the top of your roof, ridge cap is more susceptible to damaging hail hits no matter the direction from which the storm came.

Shingles: Take a look at the shingles themselves. Hail damage, if bad enough, can cause pieces of the asphalt roof to actually break off and be missing. The shingles may have exposed black substrate from granuals falling off due to hail damage as well. Check for bruising by running your hand over the shingle to feel for small dimples on the surface, as the dents may not be visible to the eye.  Lastly, look for cracking in a circular pattern caused by large, hard hitting hail.

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