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New Roof Installation

Need a Kansas City roofer? At Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering, you’ll find experienced roofing contractors who will make your new roof installation process as simple and stress-free as possible. We use the GAF “Lifetime Roofing System” to ensure that your new roof will last for many years to come. Learn more about our roof installation process below.

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Protection From Water & Leaking

The first step in a new roof installation is to prepare the area with the proper underlying materials. We install an Ice and Water shield on all eaves, rakes and edges to help prevent wind-driven rain from leaking through the roof’s decking. This is a key element to proper roof installation as it also prevents ice and snow melting (caused by ice dams in harsh winter climates) from leaking into your home. We use a synthetic underlay on remaining decking, with three rows of nails in low-wind areas and four rows of nails in high-wind areas.

We also install a drip edge to all edges, starting at the eave edge and working up to the rake edges. A drip edge comes in 10ft sections that overlay two to three inches to cover edges. For eaves, the drip edge goes on under the ice and water shield and felt. On rakes it is installed on top of the underlayment. All of these elements work together to protect your home from the elements and make your roof more secure after our new roof installation.

New Roof Shingle InstallationRoofing

Starter shingles are installed hanging over the drip edge a half inch. These are installed like a shingle and you will notice the tar strip is at the lower edge to help prevent blow-off. The first full-size course of shingles is installed directly on top of the starter shingle with the tabs facing down towards the eaves.

Laying your choice of GAF shingle comes next in the roof installation process. This shingle is the shingle you see when looking at your roof. Four nails per shingle are used for regular roofs, while six nails per shingle are used for steeply pitched roofs.

Perfecting the Roof’s Valleys

The roof’s valleys are where the shingles on one part of a roof slope down to meet another part of the roof. This area can be vulnerable to leaking, which is why proper installation of valleys is essential in a roof installation. Our roof installation team first determines which area of the roof has the steepest pitch or may carry the highest impact of water. We keep this in mind to help us cut off that side of the valley.

Installation of Flashing

Flashing helps to prevent water seepage. We replace plumbing vent boots during the roof installation with new rubber ones. We also attempt to replace all step flashing, however if it is nailed or placed under or over siding we may not be able to replace it. For chimney counter flashing, our Kansas City roofers always cut a new aluminum flashing due to the fact that tar does not hold up forever.

Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles: A Finishing Touch

Once the body of the roof installation has been shingled, our roof installation team will then apply the hip shingles if you have a hip roof, which will be overlapped by the ridge shingles. Gable roofs only have ridge shingles. We lay one hip cap at one end of the ridge and another at the other end.

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