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Small Gutter Screens – Lee’s Summit & Kansas City Area


Gutter Screen Hole


Another option to help avoid derbies, branches, twigs, and leaves, which can lead to an array of problems is to consider installing one type of gutter guard which is the gutter screen. This can eliminate some of the stress associated with cleaning gutters.  As a home and the homeowner age, this process can become even more difficult, especially when climbing ladders, reaching and leaning from a ladder can be dangerous for the home owner.  With the added protection from gutter screens, cleaning most debris from gutters can be eliminated.  

Gutter screens can be very beneficial to the maintenance of your gutters. It can be easily installed by our experienced gutter professionals.


The gutter screen which consists of premium powder coated steel small holes  is very efficient and versatile. Small gutter screens are one type of gutter guard. The gutter screen has smaller holes to keep all debris out, big and small. It pops into place quickly and easily without disturbing the shingles. Two set screws per panel are added to ensure that the gutter cover never moves from it’s location.

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