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Spring Maintenance for Your Home

Spring is a good time to assess your home’s exterior. Start with any potential gutter damage. The winter months can result in gutter damage from heavy snow, ice or wind. Combine any possible damage, with lingering fall leaves and debris, and this can lead to clogged gutters. Make sure to perform these routine checks on your gutter system before the rainy spring months. Rainwater needs to be able to flow easily through the gutters. Also, be sure to fix any loose nails that are preventing the gutters from being properly positioned.DSC_0767 (1)

Inspection of your roof and roof components for needed maintenance is also important. Start with the shingles, chimney, and flashing. The safest most effective check a homeowner can do is check the roof for missing shingles. You can also make sure the roofing system is functioning by checking for water spots and other points of water intrusion on the interior. Contact a local roofing company with any potential concerns. Professionals can assist with diagnosing more substantial issues with missing shingles, chimney damage, or flashing around chimneys, vents, or other areas of the roof. Dealing with these potential issues in a timely manner will allow your roof to withstand the next season of weather challenges!

For help with your Spring maintenance, contact Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering by calling (816) 287-4104 if you are a Missouri resident or (913) 210-1800 if you are a Kansas resident.

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