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Summer Gutter Issues

In Missouri and Kansas, the climate changes unexpectedly and reaches all types of extremes. During summers, there can be floods and rainy patterns, but now we are facing a dry spell. The heat can affect houses and the trees surrounding them as well. In these hot months, trees are not getting enough moisture in the soil to strengthen them. This weakening of the trees can cause them to lose branches and leaves during a season they are not regularly doing so, therefore clogging gutters and downspouts. With the debris just sitting in the gutters, it can attract insects, birds, and other types of animals to nest there. It can also weigh the gutters down causing them to come away from the house or sag. Gutters can easily clog with these types of problems occurring and proper maintenance should be done by a professional. Make sure to avoid or fix these summer gutter problems to help keep the gutters free of debris in preparation for the much more problematic fall foliage.

If you find your gutters clogging for any reason this summer please contact Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering by calling (816) 287-4104 if you are a Missouri resident or (913) 210-1800 if you are a Kansas resident.

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