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Why do I need good insulation?



Insulating Attics

Attics are often the most poorly insulated and ventilated area of your home. Insufficient insulation levels in your attic can result in heat loss and higher energy bills. Lack of proper insulation can also create uneven and uncomfortable temperatures. Installing proper insulation is cost effective as well. Unlike heating and cooling systems, insulation is maintenance free and does not need any upkeep once installed.


The R-value, or thermal resistance, of insulation, especially existing insulation, is an important factor when insulating. The location conditions and location of the home will aid in the R-value selection. Fiber glass blown in insulation is a good choice because it can be spread into attic spaces that are small and hard to reach.

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3 Responses to “Why do I need good insulation?”

  1. Matt Lopez says:

    Never knew it was so important to have good insulation in the attic.

  2. Jim Thomas says:

    They have raised the R-Values in recent years so its always good to check out what you have now and maybe improve.

  3. Chris Mcnabb says:

    My friends house use to be so effected by the outside temp until he put insulation in the attic.