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Window Installation in Lee’s Summit & Kansas City Area

Windows bring light, warmth, and a feeling of openness into your home, while at the same time creating a sanctuary where you can block out the outside world and relax in quiet comfort.

Let in the Light: Window Installation Options

Preferred Roofing can help you improve your living environment by offering a durable, high-quality vinyl frame that is easy to clean, requires very little maintenance and a number of energy- and money-saving glass options. Please see the various types of window installation options below.


Casement Window Installation

These are a crank-out mechanism for opening and closing and offer the greatest amount of ventilation. These windows are great for hard-to-reach places. They also are very energy efficient.





Awning Window Installation

These are typically used to provide ventilation in a room around a window or door. They hinge from a fixed joint at the top of the window and are commonly used in basements. Awning windows are also great for rooms where you need a little privacy but still want to let natural light in.





Double-Hung Window Installation

A very popular choice for many home remodeling projects. This traditional window consists of two operable sashes hung in one window opening. Double hung windows tilt to clean for easy maintenance.





Bow or Bay Window Installation

A more stylish and effective way to bring light into your home. Bay or bow windows extend out away from your home and typically give the appearance of more room space; often, when we’re approached to handle this window installation, homeowners are seeking a more open look. A bow window forms more of a curved shape and a bay window consists of varying angles. Most common angles are 30 and 45 degrees. The window combinations that create these windows can consist of casement, double hung and fixed windows. Both bow and bay windows can do wonders for your present home and dramatically expand the sense of space and size of your rooms.




Sliding Window Installation
Sliding windows are ideal for areas of the home where a projecting window could become an obstacle. These areas would be sunrooms, walkways, or decks. A sliding window unit consists of two sashes which operate horizontally by sliding left and right in a track.

Window Installation for Any Need

No matter your window installation needs, Preferred Roofing has the expertise to make your windows are beautiful and long-lasting. Call Preferred Roofing today at (913) 210-1800 or (816) 287-4104 for a free window installation estimate.